Hospice Use Provides Financial Benefits to Medicare and to Patients

Grief Services and Support Groups

By: Amanda Peterson Did you know that hospice utilization saves Medicare approximately $2,300 per patient who uses the service? (Taylor et al. 1474). You might think that savings is from the lack of care patients receive, but you would be wrong. Hospice patients receive regular, personalized care once they start receiving services; however, the nature Read more »

Bridges Support Group: Help for Grieving Children and Family Members

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Our next session of Bridges Support Group starts on February 23 and will run for 8 consecutive Thursday evenings. The group is for children ages 6 – 17 and their adult family members who are grieving a loss. Children spend time with others in their age group and have the opportunity to share with kids Read more »

Learn What Hospice Care Really Means to Patients and their Families

Treating Hospice Patients with Dignity

What makes a good death? This is a question that many people prefer not to think about in their day-to-day lives. However, for patients facing an uncertain future, it is an extremely relevant reality. The answer can vary from person to person, depending on individual personalities, interests and desires. However, for most people, a good Read more »

Introducing the Festival of Wreaths!

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For 27 years, residents of Calvert County came out on Thanksgiving weekend to support Calvert Hospice at the Festival of Trees. Over the years, they were treated to a variety of vendors, thousands of trees decorated in different themes, Santa, and more. The venue changed several times, as did the features and faces. However, after Read more »