Clinical Team

No one person can provide for all the needs of hospice patients and their families. Hospice care at Calvert Hospice is provided by a team of people with different specialties who work together to provide comprehensive and responsive care that benefits both patients and families. The team consists of the following people:


Registered Nurses provide care to patients in their homes and at the Burnett Calvert Hospice House. Nurses provide physical care and keep the doctor informed and updated regarding patients’ conditions. They also teach families how to care for patients.


Hospice physicians work with the clinical team to ensure that patients receive high-quality, compassionate care.

Hospice Aides

Hospice aides help patients with personal care in their homes or at the Burnett Calvert Hospice House.

Social Workers

The Social Workers provide counseling and support to patients, families, and/or survivors, assisting them with questions and concerns related to the death and dying process. The Social Worker is also the primary contact for community resources and financial benefits (Social Security, Medicaid, Veterans’ benefits, etc.).


The Chaplains provide spiritual support to patients and their families.


Hospice volunteers assist the organization in many ways, including sitting with patients, helping at grief camps for children, working at our office, staffing our Shoppe for Hospice, and more.


Bereavement Coordinators offer support to families after the death of a patient. This may include one-on-one counseling, support groups, and specialized grief support programs.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care professionals offer specialized care for people who suffer from chronic illnesses. It is appropriate at any stage of illness and can be provided with curative treatments.

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