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Educational Seminars

Calvert Hospice is dedicated to being an educational resource to our community, to providing seminars that address the questions and concerns we have about living well through the end of life. We understand the need we all have to be able to obtain information that will help us make the best decisions possible for ourselves and our families. This is particularly true when it comes to planning out the later years of our lives, to coping with complex illnesses, and to choosing specialized care at  the end-of-life. Our seminars focus on the quality of life, on the choices and options we have as we create the moments and memories that matter most to us and to our loved ones. All of our seminars are open and free of charge to anyone interested. Please check back regularly for dates of in-person seminars. With all the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, we are adapting to our new reality and now offer you educational videos that can be watched right here on our website. If you would like to use one of our videos as a presentation for your group or organization, please contact us at

Hospice 101

Do you have questions about hospice care? Watch our webinar to learn more and get answers to your questions.

Palliative Care

Join Stephanie Carpenter, MD for a presentation about palliative care and Palliative Medicine of Southern Maryland.

Advance Directives & the MOLST

Join Rosemary Keffler, Esq. of Delaney & Keffler, Inc. and Marzi Viverette, Nurse Practitioner with Palliative Medicine of Southern Maryland for a presentation on Advance Directives and the MOLST form.

Wills and Estate Planning

Join Margaret Phipps, Register of Wills for Calvert County, for a discussion about wills and estate planning. Additional resources are available below. Click this link to visit the Maryland Register of Wills website.

VA Benefits

Join Phil Munley of the Maryland VA for a presentation about benefits available to Maryland veterans.

Caregiver Support

Join Kim Burton from the Mental Health Association of Maryland for a presentation about caring for yourself as a caregiver. Information is included to help with specific care needs related to COVID-19.